Monday, October 31, 2005


The nomination of Judge Samuel Alito has started the Democrats voicing there displeasure. U.S.Sen. Patrick Leahy said the nomination of Alito is "needlessly provocative" and "its at risk for dividing the nation." Why is it that the left can always nominate a judge that clearly tilts to the left and its never a problem? With all the noise from the left maybe it was a good thing that Miers withdrew her nomination. I'm sure Dianne Feinstein will be very worried with Alito being a Catholic, and will she call him on it as she did Roberts?

BAD for California

Phil Angelides sent an open letter to the Sate Hornet Online asking to say no to props 73-77 It's nice to know a state treasurer would say no to a proposition that would limit spending, balance the budget, end deficits and stop high taxes. Could it be he is against 77 because it limits the size of his purse that's attached to his pursestrings? Or limits his power? No a politician would never think this way. In his letter he wants the reader to join him and Senators Boxer and Feinstein and vote no on 73-77
Lets see Boxer Angelides Dianne
spells BAD for California.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


What can we spend $3billion on? Hurricane relief? War in Iraq? The homeless? The hungry? Teachers? No we need a subsidy program so low income people can get converter boxes by 2009 when tv goes from analog to all digital broadcast. Is this a no tv left behind program? Maybe its me but can't my money go to more usfull things. Households in America will get 2 voucher for a total of $80.00 for the boxes. The hope is Rich people wont use them. Hello do you no what happens when you give something away. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, said Congress needs to do something to help consumers with the older analog sets. Hey Ted, How about giving up your bridge to no where? Oh well, seeing how I dont have cable or satelite tv and I dont care to watch it, when my voucher comes in the mail I'll give mine to the guy panhandling.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Was Harriet Miers withdrawing her nomination a good thing? Just keep your ears open and listen to what the Democrats are saying. After you listen to them then ask the question.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Not all teachers are against prop 75 a good article in the Mercury news by Judy liegmann a fifth-grade teacher in the bay area and the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against the CTA/CFA It certainly isn't easy to stand up against Big Unions


With the announcement of the death toll reaching 2000 left leaning newspapers will be shouting out with banner headlines. They have waited with almost ghoulish anticipation for this number to arrive. The people I hear today are the same people that denigrated me when I wore a uniform in 1968. The press is the same willing accomplice and the Hollywood crowd hasn't changed. I wonder what would have happened if this boomer generation was put to the task our parents faced? The depression, WWII I dont think the boomer generation would have had the stomach for it.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Well it seems that Democrats have found a new name for their base "Merlot Democrats" Howard Dean has been using this name for his base in his recent travels. I would have thought John Kerry would have used this name. I think its accurate to name their base after a french grape.
If Howard Dean is calling his deep pocket democrats Merlot then what will he call his larger base at the not so deep pocket range? Some brands come to mind.


CBS Channel 5 reported that Arnold has asked television stations to pull ads that show him urging voters to approve measures he supports.
So why the change? Could it be that he feels that his association could help defeat the measures or is it his standing in the polls.
What ever their reasoning was its a hard sell to this guy. If you believe in something than stand your ground like the rest of us would do on these issues.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Now that Egypt has begun building a fence around the Red Sea resort of Sharmal-Sheikh for security reasons, I wont hold my breath waiting for the out cry from the same folks that lament Israel's.
source BBC

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


As we start to make inroads in Iraq, we need to remember how there are still others in the Arab world that will always demonize us. An op-ed in the Al-Ahram Weekly reminds us of this. The main point I took out of this op-ed was that the U.S. needs to abandon Israel. If we do this than the Arab world will like us again. In the op-ed the writer states "How could Bush, at the Aqaba Summit pledge to preserve the Jewish identity of Israel? How in the 21st century, can an American president support a racist state founded on a religious basis." A racist state! In Israel a Muslim can vote and run for office, can a Jew do that in any Arab country?
There will always be some in the Arab world that will always hate us no matter what we do. They hate our freedom and our prosperity and we need to keep a watchful eye in their direction.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Today I heard on the Hugh Hewitt show and later read on the Guardian that a Chinese company is using skin harvested from the corpse of executed convicts. The products where thought to have been sold only in Europe, but some products may have been exported to the U.S. i.e. collagen fibers.
With a seemingly endless supply of death row inmates (6,000 per Amnesty International)the Chinese may have found a bumper crop.
So guys if your girlfriend has lips that appear a little to full be careful were you put yours.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I read with amusement Dorsey Griffith's article in the SacBee today about the problem school stores are having with the new laws regarding selling competitive items. The article goes on to talk about the nutritional value of the snack items and obesity. Another problem was the loss of revenue if they no longer sell the more popular snack items.Add those problems with the fact that administrator's are having a hard time interpreting the laws confusion rain's.
But I see a plus in all this. The school store is a place were kids learn about running a business and now they get to see first hand what happens when the government gets to involved and trys to regulate your business.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Well I'm finished chasing rainbows and got my feet back on dry land. Now to get back up to speed on what's been happening.