Friday, August 26, 2005


This is a picture of a joint Russian and Chinese training exercise. What if this was a joint attack comming across the Bearing strait into Alaska. Would the Cindy Sheehans and the pink ladies have the stomach for this or would we give up Alaska and let them have the oil? Just a thought


At 5:28 PM , Blogger watbull said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

I think that Grief Pimp Sheehan and the like would simply hand over Alaska. I really do. Fortunately, great and honorable men like her son lay their lives on the line to prevent such a thing. Too bad GP Sheehan can't respect her son and what he stood for.

BTW, I ganked your "You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy" icon. It was too good to pass up. Hope that you don't mind.


At 5:36 PM , Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Mayby we need to put a few of our own troops over there to scope it out. That's the last thing we need.
Cindy Sheehan needs to go home and shut her mouth. It's sad that her son was killed, but he reinlisted five months after 9/11. He knew what he was getting into. I don't want to see our country handed over to anyone.

At 11:31 PM , Blogger Bstermyster said...

I love the Cindy, you don't speak for me pic, that is hysterical.

At 12:08 AM , Blogger Roseville Conservative said...


Congratulations on your induction into the Western Alliance.

SactoDan will be e-mailing you soon!



At 1:41 PM , Blogger Ryan Clark Holiday said...

naaah cindy loves america. didn't you know that? duh!


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