Saturday, August 20, 2005

BOX 30

BOX 30
It was my privilege today in response to Hugh Hewitt to report my findings of box 30 from the Reagan Library, regarding Judge Roberts. The majority of information in this box was memorandums arriving out of a dispute with the Ninth Circuit Court and the General Service Administration over the parking at the new facility for the Ninth Circuit in Pasadena. In his memorandum to Fred Fielding that he titled (amusingly I thought) Judge Chambers’ Chambers. It seems that Judge Chambers was upset over changes in the parking and the sell of a parcel of land at the site. Roberts writes ‘I agree with Olson that it is not in our overall interest to step on the judges’ toes if we can avoid it. On the other hand, if GSA’s representations are accurate, Judge Chambers is clearly being unreasonable.
The other interesting paper was the memorandum he wrote for Fred Fielding Counsel to the President regarding increasing judicial salaries dated Oct. 22, 1984 in it he writes, “If the philosophy of this President in the legal area is to be reflected in court decisions for the next generation, it is critical that those appointees remain on the bench.”
He also writes “In my view the judicial compensation problem is serious enough to merit our prompt attention. If action is not taken, we will encounter increased difficulty in attracting highly-qualified candidates for judicial office who will reflect the President’s philosophy and who will remain on the bench for the remainder of their professional lives.


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