Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today McCain said "This mindless, paralyzing rancor must come to an end." John its called debate its a dialogue on what separates our views.

He also said he would hold regular meetings with Congress, where he would answer questions and take criticisms in the same manner as the British prime minister, who regularly appears before the House of Commons. No John we don't have a Parliamentary government.

The 300

With the California Supreme court decision today, McCain the air apparent Republican nominee, moral relativism and the creeping incrementalism that's the socialist way. Conservatism finds it self at its own Thermopylae. However we find ourselves without a King Leonidas. Only the rhetoric of talk radio to be our Thucydides.
As many in the gay community and their liberal friends applaud the Courts decision today we still must realize we lost something also. When we legislate from the bench as Robert Bork pointed out "
is the increasing irrelevance of democratic government. What replaces it is bureaucratic and judicial government, which may be benign and well intentioned, and may respond somewhat to popular desires,though by no means always,but cannot by definition be democratic

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Once again the SacBee feels its their duty to remind us we don't need nor deserve a suspension of the federal gas tax. Peter Schrag's
commentary sounds more like an apologist for tax and spend liberalism then anything new or insightful. He looks at prop 13 as me first individualism rather then a reigning in of abusive taxation. Once again its the taxpayers fault for wanting some relief from the Leviathan that is the federal government. Peter Schrag's blinkered views of the New Deal and communitarian ideals ( its interesting to find this definition on
communitarian) is what keeps us bogged down as more and more people decide to get into the wagon instead of pulling it. His statements regarding Bush is just the beginning of the rhetoric we will hear should Obama become President. Every time there is a failure during his administration it will be it s Bush's fault. Four years of it was Bush's fault and the media will echo the refrain. Of course no fault is attributed to the neglect of our own oil reserves or the exploration of new sites. However; Peter Schag's comments on ethanol I have to agree with in his otherwise hubristic commentary

Friday, May 02, 2008


It was no surprise to me that the Editorial in the SacBee
gas tax"holiday" nonsense would be more of a campaign minute for Barack Hussein Obama then being an advocate for the consumer. The Bee reminds us that a gas tax is a users fee for the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. (which is just as effective as tax money to the public schools.) The Editor also reminds us how good we have it "If anything, the tax is not high enough." And don't say would you rather drive into potholes, because I already do. This is the same Congress and with the help of the media that prevents us from drilling are own domestic wells. The Leviathan that is our government do with less:never.
The Editor, after pointing out the faults of McCain's and Clinton's proposals had this to say about his refusal to go with the gas tax holiday "Obama understands this, which is why he has refused to pander on an issue over which it is easy to score cheap political points" Or could it be he is clueless and his fix would be to confiscate the oil companies.
I wonder how the SacBee would feel if we could tax the amount of news print?

Some day they may discover a way to fuel our vehicles no matter what they be with some other type of fuel, but do worry they will find a way to tax that too.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


After Keith Olberman criticized Governor Easley for using the term pansy, I felt the need to call my two younger brothers and apologize to them for calling them pansies when we were kids, after they complained to our dad for me bullying them. Never a shrinking violet I called the American Horticultural Society to never again use the name pansy. I then penned the
The Pansy Patrol a blog that is devoted to technical articles, and lessons for anybody who owns, fixes, races, modifies, or otherwise beats their cars, asking them to change their name. I then wrote to the
Pansy Division Official website of the queer band but was told to get over it. Well Keith I did my best to follow in your footsteps and make an ass of myself.