Wednesday, February 28, 2007


We welcome Jon Lovitz spokesperson for the new proposal the SacBee reported on. Jon how does this new proposal that Sen. Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, and Sen. Bob Dutton, R-Rancho Cucamonga presented work?

Well Chucky what they will do is a.... a...put the money in.......a lock box yeah a lock box, and....and we wont touch it... just like Social Security yeah that's the ticket like Social Security.

Right just like Social Security.


Condi welcome to the ChuckyNewsChannel.
Thanks Chucky.
Condi I got to ask you. Are you serious about these meetings ? and when did we let Iran and Syria run our State Dept? And doesn't thier logo tell you something?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Are we to blame like they say , or would we rather live like this.


Groovy baby Austin here, reporting from London. Looks like the obese young boy won't be taken away from his mother. The reason given is that the food police still have the man pictured below in custody

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hi Tiffiny here with a Special Report on Hillary watch . Hillary is with me to report that circumcision has been found to prevent AIDS. So take it from Tiffany and Hillary and make sure the man you love has the kindness cut,and keep a head of the game.


Madame Speaker thank you for being on the ChuckyNewsChannel.
You're welcome Chucky.
Madame Speaker now that Iran has violated the the UN resolution what will the Democrat held Congress do?

Just what I thought..

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hi Tiffinay for the ChuckyNewsChannel and this is Hillary Watch.
I was just ready to leave and drink this wine when I recived this video and wanted to share it with you viewers.
Just go here


Two competing ideas for Ca health care will soon come into focus. Both say they will fix the health care crisis. But what we have is an insurance coverage problem brought on by the state and federal governments in the first place. On one hand we have the Terminators plan. Just rob some of the people.

Or the Sheila Kuehl plan. Either way we are sure to ruin what we have.


Well it seems this man "Al Franken" has announced he will run for the Senate for the State of Minnesota in 2006. He made this announcement on his radio show on Air America insuring that at lest 15 people in the Twin-City area heard the news.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Hi Chucky here and these are some of today's news headlines

New York digs out for global warming conference

And with new bombings in Iraq what was
wrong with this picture?

Groovy baby! Austen here reporting from London. And today we will be talking to Russell Crowe to find out what he wants to get rid of from his Rugby team. And guys you won't believe this.

Russell! Austen here Welcome to the ChuckyNewsNetwork.
Thanks Austen.
I understand you want to get rid of your cheerleaders for your rugby team.Why?
Because they might make some people uncomfortable,especially my wife.
Russ baby if you want to make people comfortable put cushions on those bleachers! my bums are killing me.

Well guys there you have it. How could any

guy get rid of this? Not much of a gladiator to me.

and you can read about it here

Friday, February 09, 2007

Hello minime for the ChuckyNewsNetwork. All the rats are getting aboard the its my baby bandwagon. Regading baby Dannielynn, Howard K. Stern, Larry Binkhead, and now Prince Frederic Von Anhalt. They all care about the baby that WAS LEFT IN THE BAHAMAS.
Well the truth be known there is one more person that says the baby is his
and that is...........................................................................

Me.Just look at that babies face,she looks just like me

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hi Heather Graham and this is Hillary Watch on the ChuckyNewsNetwork Its being reported that fasion designer Versace is telling Hillary to start wearing skirts and to show her feminine side. Please stick with the pants, it fits the voice.


Hello its Minime science editor for the ChuckyNewsNetwork aboard the space shuttle reporting on the NASA love triangle. I don't know what the big deal is all about. We all know it will soon be a made for tv movie Staring Lindsay Lohan as the troubled Astronaut Lisa Nowak. Did I mention she couldn't keep her hands off me during reentry?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Speaker Pelosi thank you for having me aboard Pelosi 1 I certainly can understand why you would want the taxpayers to pay for this aircraft its luxurious.

It is Chucky, and I thinks its only appropriate for me to ferry my friends and family around in style. After all I am the Speaker and second in line for the presidency.

But dont you think its a bit over the top

Oh come on Chucky I do have some power over defence spending

Monday, February 05, 2007


Today on the ChuckyNewsChannel we have Democratic Presidential hopeful John Edwards. John before we begin I just wanted to know if you had to get an environmental impact study before clear cutting to build your mansion? As the picture behind you clearly shows.
Come on Chucky its just a home like everyone else has.
Right, You also said that your health care plan would cost $120billion and that's just the first year how would we pay for it.
Well we willl tax the rich to get the capital.
Gee it sounds like you want to starve capitalism of its capital! You said regarding your vote in favor of the war in Iraq was wrong and that you take responsibility for it. Well maybe this is wrong too.
Cone on Chucky I chased ambulances all my life I know were the money is. Hey I'll let you stay in my house.


Governor Schwarzenegger welcome to the ChuckyNewsChannel
Thank you Chucky.
Governor I wanted to know about those tapes that have been
Ya they are all true, that Phil guy is such a girlie man for leaking them. I only want to do whats good for Kalifornia

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Biden on Lovie Smith

Senator Joe Biden, welcome to the ChuckyNewsChannel.
Thank you Chucky. Let me be the first to say that I have apologized for what I said about Obama. And let me be the first to acknowledge Lovie Smith as being the first mainstream African American coach to lose a Superbowl.
Joe your priceless.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Hi everyone I'm Tiffiny, and its time for Hillary Watch on the ChuckyNewsChannel. Hillary said if she was elected President she would bring the troops home immediately. Asked how she would stop global terrorism she said she would get very bitchy.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Just out on DVD in time for Jacques Chirac's retraction on his hard line statements On Iran's nuclear development. We Were "Never" Soldiers.