Tuesday, February 28, 2006


That byline from Robert Tanner,AP caught my eye because "Clinton extols virtues"goes together like Islam and peace. It seems that his by-pass changed his attitude towards fast foods. Nothing like a coronary or being caught with your pants down to change your virtues. It seems the ex prez was at the National Governors Association. He warned that Americas eating habits will weaken the economy. I guess from all the uninsured eating at fast food outlets. Well I going to help the economy and go to In-and-Out-Burger and buy some cheeseburgers.


Its reported in the Jewish World Report That Dubai Ports World participates in the Arab boycott against Isreal. US law bars firms from doing this. This could be an out for the President to use. So it will be interesting to see what happens next.


Say it isn't so!! The Herald Tribune wrote today that an art exhibit will prove that the Chinese invented the game of golf as well as that yellow smiling face at Walmart. No not really the smiling face. But art work and ancient writings depicting the game of golf. In June I will be visiting my relatives the McCracken and the Wallaces' in Scotland and this will be the topic of much heated discussion. I think what the painting shows is the ancient art of placing preserved or 1000 year old eggs


Australian Joseph Thomas"aka Jihad Jack" who was convicted of one count of intentionally receiving funds from a terrorist organization stated in a tv interview that he was trained by Bin Laden in Afghanistan. "You know, he didn't mind being hugged, but kisses he didn't like." He also told the Australian Broadcasting Corp's Four Corners programs Bin Laden "was very polite and humble and shy...and he seemed to float, really float across the floor."
So its good to know that Bin Laden is very humble and shy and Islam and Mohammad are peaceful as more bombings continue to kill more Muslims in Iraq

Thursday, February 23, 2006



Thomas Sowell's article regarding the lawsuit to stop passing the exit exam a requirement for graduation is spot on. Again one of my favorite columnist says all that needs to be said on the issue. You can read his remarks here Another great column on the subject comes from Ruben Navarrette of the San Diego Tribune. His article Challenging the High School Exit Exam is also another good opinion on the subject. And you might want to read his article An average Latino? with 40 million there's no such person. and what its means by flunking the verbal on what he calls the E.L.T. (Ethnic Litmus Test)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Convicted killer Michael Morales gets to have a second last meal today after his scheduled execution was delayed. Morales' defense team had argued that the state's three-stage lethal injection protocol violated a constitutional ban on "cruel and unusual punishment," claiming that the initial rounds of sedatives and paralytic agents might mask, rather than prevent, pain from the final heart-stopping chemicals. Well is that special! we don't what a guy that raped, mutilated and beat to death a young women to feel any pain. We can all stand on our high moral convictions but when it happens to a member of your family its a different story. Late term abortion-OK, assisted suicide-OK
Well I guess I'll become pro-choice and choose this scum to be executed.


Today in Dubai 30 housemaids that had run away from their sponsors had been found in a home in the Al Satwa area. It is unclear if the maids were planning to escape in cargo crates owned by Dubai Ports World.
Unlike here, the Dubai government will immediatley deport those maids.
The news article is from the Emiratestoday .


A car bomb today killed 21 people in Baghdad today and inured as many as 27 including children. This comes a day after 3 bombs killed 19. So can you tell me again what's the problem with the cartoon? Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said Tuesday the cartoons were an attempt to cause a "clash of civilization" by people who are ignorant about Islam and want to demonize the religion.
"We cannot condone such insensitivities toward our beliefs and condemn it in the strongest way," he said at an Islamic conference. "Islam does not believe in the clash of civilization, rather it advocates harmony, coexistence, peace and compassion." Can we get an opinion from the 21 people killed in the car bomb today?

Monday, February 20, 2006


I would like to thank Bin Laden for vowing not to be taken alive. Thank you for not making us suffer through a long protracted court proceeding and not having to listen to it on CNN 24. 7 Thank you for not giving your insane followers something to rally around.


Only in America would we allow a member of a terrorist state speak to an audience. Iran's Permanent Representative for life to the UN Mohammad-Jauad Zarif spoke to Iranian expatriates. And what was the occasion? It was the the 27 anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. He said that the west was lying about Irans attempt to build nuclear weapons. As was reported in the Islamic Republic News If you think we have nothing to worry about Iran you need to read their Constitution Chapter #1 article 2 line 5 The continuous leadership (imamah) and perpetual guidance, and its fundamental role in ensuing the uninterrupted process of the revolution of Islam.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Well the Paris Hiltons and the rest of the beautiful people of this world have something else to gloat about. According to two economist who tracked the life course of young people from high school through early adulthood had this to say. "We find that unattractive individuals commit more crime in comparison to average-looking ones, and very attractive individuals commit less crime in comparison to those that are average-looking" Claim Naci Mocan of the University of Colorado and Erdal Tekin of Georgia State. I'm inclined to believe that to put this statement out Naci and Erdal must be good looking.
So if you have low self esteem because of your looks don't worry a life of crime may be for you.HHmmm now that I think about it I need to take a second look at those pictures hanging in the Post-Office


Phil Angeldes part time politician and Belzer impersonator has put out his 5 point clean California plan if he is elected Governor. He says he will mandate all cars sold in California must be hybrids. I'm sure the folks in Berkeley and the bay area and Davis will love having a commissioner of the vehicle politibureau tell them what to drive. Of course this is his 10 year plan and at that time I can take an early retirement and move on to a more freedom friendly state

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Its hard for me to believe that the sell of six ports in the United States to United Arab Emirates company didn't get much press time. The Treasury Department’s Committee on Foreign Investment reviewed the $6.8 billion deal for security risks and did not object. U.S. Rep Mark Foley, R-West Palm Beach took his concerns to the Bush Administration. “Six of our largest commercial ports are being handed over to a country that is seeking to be Iran’s free trade partner and has been linked to the funding and planning of 9/11,” Foley said. “ If our ports are the most vulnerable targets for terrorism and if we are at war, as the President says, we should be overly critical of handing over management of our ports to any foreign countries, post 9/11. Instead, this was done in the dead of night.”
I have to agree with Rep. Foley I don’t see the need to go ahead without a real open investigation. I know we live in a global economy but we also need to realize the threat of global terrorism.


After hearing that the Pope backed peaceful demonstrations regarding the Muhammad cartoons radical clerics responed. (turn on the speakers)click here

Thursday, February 09, 2006


73 y/o Bill Moyer has a devise that maybe will all need to wear when we have to listen to the left. He was wearing this when listening to Ted Kennedy address the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Wonder where I can buy some at?


The Drudge Report linked to breitbart news regarding a 6 year old boy that was suspended for 3 days for sexually harassing a girl in class. I read the story and was amazed. Anyone that has kids know that sexual harassment is not part of their vocabulary or thinking, any right minded person can see that this is kids playing. To many zealous people put these phrases into the child's mind I can only imagine what the teacher or principle thinks of little boys to begin with. If you read the real source of the article CBS Boston You read that Downey elementary has contacted the police and the district attorney. You would think that school administrators would be more concerned with the 32 real sexual offenders registered within the city.

Friday, February 03, 2006


The New York Times today ran an editorial titled The Lopsided Bush Health Plan It seems the left goes to its tried and true play book. within the editorial you read " the accounts favor the healthy and wealthy at the expense of the poor and chronically sick" Its unfortunate that the push for nationalized health care continues, and that we don't realize the problem is government, not health care. If there where a label sewed on to all the problems associated with healthcare you would read made in Washington . Starting with the King-Anderson bill which became known as Medicare. Its interesting to read the report from Congressmen Morris K. Udall written in June 1962 "Opponents of the bill (and of Social Security in general) talk a great deal about the actuarial soundness (or unsoundness) of Social Security financing. They compare the Social Security system with private insurance companies and say there should be money "in the bank" now to meet future needs. What they fail to recognize is that under a universal government program full cash reserves are not necessary. A social insurance program of this nature is financially sound if future income will support future disbursements. Like Social Security itself, this addition to the system can function successfully without recourse to general taxation." I wonder if he would now take back his words. So the legacy of the Fabian Society marches on with its tactic of "permeation"

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I hope that when ever any republican runs for the Senate or Congress this next election cycle I hope they run the spot when GW talks about congress not doing anything to pass Social Security reform and all the Democrats applauded. Great they applauded doing nothing.
We need to run this segment over and over


By now we all no of mother Sheehan's arrest for what she wore at the State of the Union address. What's more intriguing to me is that the moron that gave her the pass was Lynn Woolsey D-Petaluma Ca. This is a person that's long been anti-military. In 1999, 2004 and 2005 voted against military pay raises at the same time she voted for a bill that boosted her pay from 133,600 to 136,673.
She also wrote a judge to go easy on a rapist you can read this article from Michelle Malkin Rep Lynn Woolsey by her voting record is measured FAR LEFT according to On The Issues To bad the accomplice couldn't get arrested also