Thursday, June 30, 2005


Reading the NY Times OP-ED It seems that the new president,Mahmoud Ahmandinejad came as a surprise. I don't know why, The real power comes from the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameni. That is why Rafsanjani took his case of corruption to him(Khameni) When Ahmandinejad says" The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world" whom do you think his speaking for. For the Supreme Leader; Ahmandinejad is a man whose time has come. Ahmandinejad is a thug and a friend of terrorist. He has long ties to terrorist killings and other acts of terror. I feel we are comming to a head with Iran and the showdown will be ugly.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

ACLU Joins in Law Suit Aginst HomeLand Security

After reading ABC7 news report that Akif Rahman a U.S. born citizen says he was wrongfully detained by border agents on four seperate occasions and that his rights were violated. Well my friend sorry that you were detained, but can you understand why? I too have been rechecked at airports and I'm a retired military member. True not to the exstent you were, but stopped non the less. Its not so much the law suit its who is joining your case. The ACLU is no friend to the U.S. and would to see the Homeland Security Act go away. The ACLU is listed here check it out. So please Mr. Rahman suck it up.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Dan Walters--Bee Columnist had a goodcolumn regarding the North Coast Railroad Authority and how Senate Bill 792 allows $5.5 million in state funds be thrown down this rat hole. I never heard of the NCRA before this column. I wonder how many more are out there. Whats not new is how the Democrats in the Legislature throw our tax money away.

Supreme Court

With the last couple of rulings coming from the High Court and a lot of talk about judicial activism I think it would be a good time to read Thomas Sowell's essay Judicial Activism Reconsidered

Friday, June 24, 2005

Don't fence me in

Its not everyday that I agree with an editorial in the Sacbee but I will with the writer of the opinion regarding the spending of $16 million for a barrier around eight square blocks surrounding the capitol. I guess the Legislators feel they need the extra protection as they work on a budget compromise.

Now that the Supreme Court has decided its ok for local gov. to take away property why don't we confiscate all the land that divides Mexico and Ca. and build our fence there?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Supreme Court Gives Away Our Right

After hearing the Supreme Court decision in the 5-4 ruling that your property may be seized and used for (the good of the community) yeah right. I scanned the other blogs and was surprised not to find anything, as of this writing. Property rights are one of our conservative principles. Now local officals have the power to bulldoze residences and put up shopping malls. Cant happen you think, well you would be wrong. In Nov 1954, the Supreme Court overturned the federal district court in Washington, D.C., land seizure program. The land was seized and the buildings bulldozed. The city's brief to the Supreme Court promised that one-third of the new homes built would be low-cost housing. Instead they built a shopping mall and a complex of high-rent apartments and townhouses. O'Connor in her decent wrote"Any property may now be taken for the benefit of another private party, but the fallout from this decision will not be random," and"The beneficiaries are likely to be those citizens with disproptionate influence and power in the politcal process, including corporations and development firms.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Public Broadcasting

The NewYork Times ran an article that 16 Democratic Senators called for the removal of Kenneth Y. Tomlison as head of the corporation for Public Broadcasting. Because they thought he may be injecting partisan politics into public radio and television. Please, where can one find more liberal bias then in PBS. I call for more then the removal of Tomlison, I call for the removal of PBS from the public trough. If most of these programs were on commercial TV they would have been canceled years ago. So lets go with more then just cutting its budget but scrapping once and for all PBS. It would be just a small piece of the leviathan.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Today the the Sacbee had an article by Gary Delsohn . It seems that a poll was taken and registered voters opposed the special election 52 percent to 37 percent. What was interesting to me wasn't the results but the fact that not once does the article state what the election is about or what is in it. Do you think if pollsters would have described each measure on the ballot maybe the poll would have came out different?

Monday, June 20, 2005


The AP had a report from the Smell and Taste Institute in Chicago. It seems they did a study on what scent would make a women smell younger,but not to young (well forget about bengay)
The institute director smeared several middle-aged women with broccoli, banana, spearmint leaves, and lavender but none of the those scents made a difference to the men.(But did the smearing have an effect on the director?)
Only the mighty grapefruit changed men's perceptions, after smelling the grapefruit smeared women;The guessed age was considerably less. Now would be a good time to check into grapefruit options......Well time to slice up some grapefruit and try to smear some on the wife.

Waiting for the tasting report.


A front page article in Sundays Sacbee(bottom of page) has a reprint from theWashinton Post . Regarding the high cost of specialty coffees. It seems that the poor students at Seattle University School of Law, have of all things across the street from it a; Starbucks!!(who would have thought) It seems the poor kids have been spending up to $3.oo a latte, money they could be saving if they drank their own home brewed jolt of caffeine up to $9,227 assuming 6% return. Well why don't they stop buying a newspaper, they could save assuming avg $.75 and 6% return $3,608 subtract that from your student loan an charge me a little less for your services.
Just breaking news (no kidding) A man was just shot by Seattle police for making threatening gestures in a courtroom. Hmmmm. Too much caffeine?

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Today the Sacbee reports that Rep John Doolittle wants an amendment on a funding bill for the Health and Human Services Dept. that would prevent any money being spent to convicted offenders with sexual or erectile dysfunction problems. It seems in the past convicted sexual offenders have been getting reimbursed from Medicaid for their viagra.
How about giving them something to reverse the problem I don't think this would be to hard to do nor would it find any stiff competition. I don't hear any prison reform activist rising to the fight for viagra, in fact the opposition has been flaccid.
The amendment is a good thing the taxpayers save some bucks this time and its the offender that gets screwed. But I'm sure that some people don't want to leave the offenders hanging.

Friday, June 17, 2005


How many times have you been frustrated with the UN and wished that we would just chuck the whole thing away. Well the House got closer to that today by passing an ultimatum to the UN for reform or they would withhold one half of assessed dues approx. $440 million a year.
Madeleine Albright and Jeane Kirkpatrick said that with holding dues would "create resentment, build animosity and actually strengthen opponents of reform"
HELLO!!!! I thought that's the way they feel already or so we've been told. The time has come to totally revamp the UN. We can no longer wait for Kofi Annan and his cronies to steal more taxpayers money.


If you think that there is nothing to worry about with fanatical Muslims the you need to read the latest from Resa Laru Kirkland It will Wake You Up


I read in the Sacbee the Nevada Joint Union High School District trustees voted 4-1 to retain their confidential medical release policy. What this means is that teenagers can still be excused from school for medical treatment without their parents knowledge.

I don't understand how the trustees could subjugate the rights of parents to that of the students. If the student owed a debt to the school you can be sure they would let the parent know. Who pays for the medical visit?

If one of the kids decides to use the medical visit as an excuse to skip school and is injured, can the school district be held libel?

What kinds of illness would a teenager be afraid to tell there parents? Only two, STDs and pregnancy. So much for sex education.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


After reading senator Durbin's speech in the The Washinton Times I now believe he surpasses Barbara Boxer in stupidity. To equate the mass killings of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot with the U.S. military is reprehensible senator Durbin at the least deserves censorship. Is there no one on the Democratic side of the aisle that will stick up for our armed forces?

My late father was a WWII and Korean war vet and a life long Democract. But I feel if he was alive today he would have left the party. Maybe that's what all good Demoracts of conscious should do.


I guess this will be the first shot fired of a never ending stream of Hillary for president.
Hillary was the lucky winner of the South Carolina straw poll. according toThe State.Com
Hillary won a whopping 44 votes to John( where is he now) Edwards 34 votes. The article goes on to say that Clinton supporters worked hard to get their voters to the county party's event.
Well if thats the most excitment that they can muster I think she has a long way to go

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


A good read today comes fromHugh Hewitt/ regarding the statement from the Archbishop of Denver Charles Chapot to the Organization for Security and Development in Europe.

Reminds me of Robert Bork's book Slouching Towards Gomorrah


I read in The SacBee /opinion/ that the U.S. has an image problem, over the treatment of prisoners at Gitmo. I for one get tired of the left always trying to bring the U.S. down. Bad news for the U.S. is good news for them. Do they mention all the things the prisoners do get? No they never do. If I was taken prisoner in Iraq would I be given a copy of the Bible? Or if the left found out that a Bible was flushed down a toilet, would they scream their outrage,hardly.
Before we launch an all attack on ourselves, we need to look at all the great things this country and the people in it do. We are the most giving people around 250billion. And that's just the people not the government.
So the next time you hear how bad we are remember that this is the place people want to come to. This is the place that all cultures and religions are welcomed, and this is the place to come to for health care.


The disappearance of Natalee Holloway and the news that my nephew was going on a cruise after graduating high school started me thinking of my own sons graduation and my own as well.
When my sons graduated high school they where given cards with a few bucks in them from there aunts and uncles and taken out for dinner, then the next day they either started preparation for college or work. When I graduated I didn't receive any gifts, graduating high school was expected. If I didn't my dad would have given me a kick in the pants. My reward for graduating high school was to work for the A&P as a cashier full time before going into the military a year later.
Maybe I'm old fasion but I feel we need to remember at 17 you are really just a kid starting out. And maybe the best place to start out after graduation is at home with the family.