Thursday, January 19, 2006

State prepares for possibility of flu pandemic

That was the news alert in my e-mail this evening when I came home for work. What we need to deal with is the problem we have now. As the baby boomer generation gets older the need for hospital beds and staff will dramatically increase. When I left work at 2330 we had one bed open on a 32 bed surgical floor. We also have 11 surgeries coming in tomorrow. Now throw into the mix the unknown variable trauma patients. We will have again patients staying for days in the ER or longer stays in the recovery room. Also patients being sent home before they should.
If we would have a pandemic here we would have to use Arco Arena and Cal Expo to house them and add the serious shortage of nursing personnel and physicians and you get a pretty ugly picture. Well here's hoping its something we wont have to deal with


At 1:51 AM , Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 19 06

You know Pappy: I think that we might have it come our way. But I would like to know what I can do to prepare for it, should it come thisaways...Usually I have a flu readi pack, which has the stored salt, baking soda and water (in bleach bottles) and saltine crackers. The water in the bleach bottles is for a natural disaster or one where our water would be affected adversely. But this last time I caught a flu type bug, it morphed into a pneumonia really quickly. I couldnt' eat or drink for almost one and a half days and was happy that my husband gave me saltines from my readi pack and water with salt and baking soda in it. What other things can you suggest for the sickness readi pack? If all of the hospitals get inundated during an outbreak, we must take care of ourselves. Suggestions? Good post Pappy:)

At 10:00 AM , Blogger pappy said...

unless you are planning to stay in your house for several weeks, not much really. During the flu season I buy several packs of cold-eeze
and zicam then at the first sign of a cold comming on I start taking them. I work with sick people all year round and I've never called in sick do to the flu. Was it because of the cold-eeze? Dont know maybe my genes I've never got the flu shot.


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