Thursday, January 12, 2006


Yesterday the SacBee ran a story regarding the city of Berkley's case with the Boy Scouts regarding berthing for scouting ships at the city marina. Maybe we should let the Left get rid of the scouts after all hear is a list of former scouts.
Charles E. Bennett (D) US Rep. Fla.
Gary Ackerman (D) US Rep. NY
Bill Alexander (D) US REP. Arkansas
Lloyd M. Bentsen (D) US Rep.Teaxas
Michael Bloomberg(D/R) Mayor New York. was dem.then switched
Bill Bradley (D) Semator New Jersey
Michael Dukakis (D) Gov. Mass.
David Farabee (D) Texas State Rep.
Thomas Foley (D) Past Speaker of the house, US Rep. Washington
Murphy Foster (D) Gov. Louisiana
Gary Locke (D) Gov. Washinton
Sam Nunn (D) US Senator Ga.
J.J. Pickle (D) US Rep Texas
Bill Clinton (D) President
John F. Kennedy (D) President
Steven Spielberg (D) film maker
and belive it or not Michael Moore


At 4:07 PM , Blogger fetching jen said...

Being a scout used to have meaning. Even Eagle Scouts - my son just completed his Eagle Scout project. I'm proud of him becuase he didn't cheat or lie to complete it, and it's not just a line item on his resume. (unlike the list of Democrats)


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