Monday, December 19, 2005

Dec. 15th

Please take time and watch this video courtesy of Michael Yon a photo journalist in Iraq. Its regarding the Dec. 15th election. As you look at the faces of the men and women do you think maybe that's the way we looked 200 years ago when we as a nation were abel to have our vote count. Before we became to jaded with our own freedoms and unwilling to defend them. click here


At 8:42 AM , Blogger Tori said...

great video! Too bad the only people that will see it are the people who support what we're doing. If they played that during soap opera time or during Monday Night Football, it might make more of an impact!

At 2:49 PM , Blogger pappy said...

sad but true

At 8:51 PM , Blogger Roseville Conservative said...

Pappy, you the man!!!

At 9:25 PM , Blogger GNN Staff Writer said...

What a great link. Thank you.

On behalf of my wife Maria, la Famiglia Goomba, the boys down at the cheese store and the entire Goomba organization, Merry Christmas to you.

Another blogging year has passed and this electronic communications thing still continues to amaze me. Let's make 2006 another powerful year for bloggers with opinions to share. And in this season, as we celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ, let us also celebrate each other.

Nickie Goomba


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