Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Now that Tony Mendoza's', D-Artesia bill outlawing trans fats is on the way to the Governors office, I quickly closed and locked the doors, pulled the shades and went through the kitchen looking for the dirty oil the drillanator was talking about. My first suspect was the mayonnaise ahh 0 trans fats. Next was the bread again 0 trans fat. Could it be the Ritz Crackers? No zero trans fat there. How about my ice cream? zero there also,sweet. I know my frozen pizza:again zero. Knowing my abode was free from trans fats and no food police would be at my door I went to my backyard to enjoy the cool mid morning air with a hot cup of Sumatra coffee and a premium cigar. These two things alone would have my cardiologist notifying my insurance company. As I was enjoying my Man O' War robusto (a new label from AJ Fernandez) my backyard neighbor called over to me. He had a bag of tomatoes that he just harvested, that he wanted to give me. ( I look forward to this every summer)

This time he eyeballed me suspiciously never seeing a cigar in my hand before. We exchanged pleasantries and we went back to our business. I was wondering if I would soon be hearing from the smoking police. But I doubt it since he was doing his gardening listening to Rush Limbaugh.
So as Tony is back thinking of legislation to chip away at ones freedoms I went back to enjoying my Man O' War be fore that too someday will be banned.

Monday, July 07, 2008


I was taken aback by the new mandate that requires new cars (sure it wont be to long before its all cars) have a sticker on them that shows their global warming score. What's the real reason behind this? In the not to distant future will cities like Davis or Berkley declare that no cars with a score higher then a 5 be allowed in the city. Will eco-terrorist roam the streets to slash the tires of cars with scores higher then a four? When we have a spare the air day will cars with a score higher the a three be banned from the highways?
Get a grip! you say that will never happen. I hope not but it seems that's the way these things happen a little piece at a time. What's next a Star of David or a crucifies be displayed on your vehicle?