Thursday, June 28, 2007


Just a side note regarding the fires in Tahoe. As a top off of my Greek R&R I was camping with my boys and eight grand kids at Yellowjacket by the Union Valley Reservoir. And I can add to the testimony that the area, even there had many dead tress both standing and fallen. I was always edgy the four nights there when we started our campfire. That was 13th - 17th June.


The FDA is blocking the import of certain fish products that have been found tainted. Does anyone else see a problem here.
A good reason to stay home grown. You can read the story here


The California Republican Assembly is asking who is your GOP nanny? Now you can nominate the republican legislator that supoorts the Democratic elitist that pass bills to enlarge the "Nanny State" Go Nominate you have till the 4th of July


After a long hiatus of roaming the hills of Greece and chasing the places Thucydides wrote about its good to be home. The big news while I was gone has been the immigration bill. And it looks like the American people's voice has been heard and the McCain and Kennedy bill has been driven over the cliff. Now maybe we can get back to the peoples business and secure our boarders. The 12 million aren't going anywhere, and we can best tackle that issue once our boarders are secure.