Monday, January 26, 2009

Geithner school of tax fraud

Now that Timothy Geithner has been confirmed as our new treasury secretary. He can give up his day job teaching how to dodge your taxes

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

American Express

Now the American Taxpayer will be picking up the dime for dead beat card holders.
The American Taxpayer don't leave home without them!

Saturday, November 08, 2008


On the road to economic recovery with Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan

Saturday, October 11, 2008


In his bid to become one of the vice-chairmen of propaganda should Barack Hussein Obama win the Presidency. Oliver Stone the master of revisionist history will soon have his movie "W" playing. Stone told
reuters "there was no malice intended". Sure its just happenstance you put out a multimillion dollar version of a Saturday Night Live skit. Dont worry Stone your a good member of the left and I'm sure you willl be remebered for you service. You just need to get in line with Huffington,MSNBC and Michael Moore

Friday, October 10, 2008


The real worst preisident in my life time Jimmy Carter blamed George W. Bush for the economic crisis we are now in. Of course no were is it mentioned the real culprit behind this crisis is Carter himself. It all started with him signing the Community Reinvestment Act and later by Clinton making the act stronger. Jimmy you are a failed ex-president and have no honor.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Proposition 4

Once again parental notification for minors seeking an abortion is on the ballot,Just as Prop 73 in 2005 had me perplexed so too Prop. 4 I just don't understand how a parent would not want to know if their child was pregnant and seeking an abortion. Perhaps its easier to let the state and taxpayers take care of it and just don't tell me. Your kid getting out of school to have an abortion without notification no problem, your Little crumb cruncher going to Apple Hill without parental permission no way


With the financial crisis still looming its time to place the blame

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Now that Tony Mendoza's', D-Artesia bill outlawing trans fats is on the way to the Governors office, I quickly closed and locked the doors, pulled the shades and went through the kitchen looking for the dirty oil the drillanator was talking about. My first suspect was the mayonnaise ahh 0 trans fats. Next was the bread again 0 trans fat. Could it be the Ritz Crackers? No zero trans fat there. How about my ice cream? zero there also,sweet. I know my frozen pizza:again zero. Knowing my abode was free from trans fats and no food police would be at my door I went to my backyard to enjoy the cool mid morning air with a hot cup of Sumatra coffee and a premium cigar. These two things alone would have my cardiologist notifying my insurance company. As I was enjoying my Man O' War robusto (a new label from AJ Fernandez) my backyard neighbor called over to me. He had a bag of tomatoes that he just harvested, that he wanted to give me. ( I look forward to this every summer)

This time he eyeballed me suspiciously never seeing a cigar in my hand before. We exchanged pleasantries and we went back to our business. I was wondering if I would soon be hearing from the smoking police. But I doubt it since he was doing his gardening listening to Rush Limbaugh.
So as Tony is back thinking of legislation to chip away at ones freedoms I went back to enjoying my Man O' War be fore that too someday will be banned.