Tuesday, August 09, 2005

SacBee loves those taxes

In today's SacBee The Editorial bemoans the fact that the estate tax may be repealed,when the Senate returns from their August recess. And it will put a $20 billion hole in the budget-and creating a windfall to those who inherit wealth they did not create. Well what damn business is it of the Bee's or anyone else's for that matter what ones done with the wealth they accumulated. Why does the Bee always worry were the Federal Government will make up for budget cuts but doesn't care where the ordinary citizen has to come up with the money for an increase in a tax. And its always on the line like its only a dollar more per person.
The Bee acts like someone who has a large estate, that their family had nothing to do with that persons success. The Bee goes on to say if the owner buys life insurance, none of the heirs should have trouble paying the estate tax. Well if illegal aliens buy health insurance then we wouldn't have to pay for that.


At 5:06 PM , Blogger GêñXêr said...

You would think they would learn. I know that $20 billion would buy a lot new subscriptions to the Sacramento BS.


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