Thursday, January 04, 2007


Thanks to the Sacbee article
Kid's chances for success not great in state We now have another excuse for failure. Its not your fault, you were born in California. The name of the study called "from cradle to career" should be called "from womb to the tomb" Of course the cold hearted voters of California voted down prop. 82 (free pre-school for all kids 4 y/o)

I know how about we offer free health care for all children even if they are here illegally then we can really overcrowd the system.

It was nice of the study to give our educational system an out by saying "The ranking is not entirely based on the quality of our educational system"

So Johnny if all you do is grow up to pick fruit in Modesto don't blame yourself, don't blame your parents and don't blame the school system you were born in California.