Sunday, March 12, 2006

HR 4437

There were some pretty well organized protest over HR 4437 the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 . I thought what could they be protesting about?What don't they like/
could it be 1.revise the definition of aggravated felony?
2.provide mandatory minimum sentences on smuggling convictions, and expand seizure and forfeiture authority?
3.make illegal U.S. presence a crime?
4.increases penalties for improper U.S. entry and for marriage and immigration-related entrepreneurship fraud?
5. provide mandatory minimum sentences for aliens convicted of reentry after removal?
6. Impose on smugglers the same sentences that the aliens they have smuggled would receive?
7. Include among smuggling crimes the carrying or use of a firearm during such activity?
8. Revise voluntary departure provisions?
Maybe they don't like the fact that it bars an alien for these reasons:
(1) deportable on terrorist grounds from receiving withholding of removal; (2) convicted of an aggravated felony, unlawful procurement of citizenship, or domestic violence, stalking, or child abuse from admissibility; (3) convicted of an aggravated felony from refugee or asylee status adjustment; (4) removable on terrorist grounds from becoming naturalized; and (5) from being naturalized while in removal proceedings.
Or maybe they don't like the act because it bars aliens that have been convicted of any crime associated with street gangs
Maybe we need to follow the money of the folks who organize these protest.


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