Thursday, June 26, 2008


Just back from a fishing trip, a great fishing trip. How do I know it was great..BECAUSE I DIDN'T CATCH ANY FISH!! It was all Bush's fault or global warming. Have you noticed the old adage was let George do it now its Blame Bush for it. I see the Drillanator has a new slogan when it comes to firecrackers "just say no" For as long as I lived in this town I can't recall a fourth of July celebration that caused a conflagration.

I wonder how DiFi and the Boxer will vote on The Global Poverty Act of 2007 (s.2433) This is a bill that was sponsored by Obama in the house and should be up for vote in the Senate after the 4th July break. It taxes us trillions over a course of several years to wipe out poverty all over the world. We couldn't tax our way out of poverty in our own country how do we expect to do it all over the world. And who gets to distribute the wealth our good friends at the U.N. you know those oil for food guys. Right the poor will get that, right.
How about the Supreme Court 1 out 3 is all we could hope for. At least we have the right to shoot child rapist and terrorist in the privacy of our own homes.


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